Premium bed insert designed to meet the highest standards in care


The combiflex bed-in-bed system is the perfect model for meeting the needs of patients who have special demands when it comes to their personal living space. As a flexible bed insert, the combiflex system fits elegantly into existing bedroom furniture, while its outstanding functionality ensures a wide range of comfortable lying, sitting and resting positions.

Basic equipment

  • SMPS with extra-low voltage system
  • Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Comfort sitting position
  • Lock function in hand control
  • 770 mm back bar
  • Mattress compensation
  • Mattress brackets for enlargement
  • Provided feet for free standing assembly, with balance screw
  • Wooden slats with section reinforcement


  • Total weight: 85 kg
  • Lying surface dimension: 90 / 100 x 190 / 200 cm
  • Fixed Dimension: 89 x 187 / 197 cm
  • Safe working load: 220 kg
  • Maximum person weight: 185 kg
  • Height adjustment: 33 – 77 cm
  • Lifter space: 11 cm
  • Motors: water-resistant to IPX4, high-quality spiral cable with anti-kink cable management, fuse in the mains plug, SMPS with extra-low voltage system.
  • Feature options:
    • Item no. 291 combiflex bed insert
    • Item no. 292 wooden conversion parts (end panels, side rails)
    • Item no. 293 combiflex care bed (bed insert, wooden parts, lifting pole, rollers)
  • Lying surface: 4-section

Safety guarantees

  • Fuse in the mains plug
  • Secondary fuse/polyswitch
  • Thermal fuse
  • Locking function
  • Hand control with single fault safety
  • Special spiral mains cable
  • Pull relief at power plug and anti-kink cable management
  • Water resistance to IPX4

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