Logo CleanGuard

bock is the first manufacturer to equip its nursing care beds with permanently lasting antibacterial and antimicrobial protection based on metal ions. The antimicrobial metals have been tested for efficacy and safety, plus they act as an additional barrier against nosocomial infections. more >>

This lying surface system helps guarantee a good night's sleep, thanks to ideal ergonomics, maximum comfort and easy handling. Its practical features mean carers can breathe a sigh of relief. The springs can be adjusted to patients' individual needs in no time, without extra tools or the need to carry heavy mattresses, directly on site. more >>

Logo Push-and-Ready

It's what healthcare equipment suppliers have been waiting for! The innovative Push-and-Ready connection technique is a breeze to assemble – and with no loose screws or other small parts to worry about, it is as safe as ever. Plus it comes with optimal features for transport and extremely durable quality. more >>

The remote-control adjustment system for nursing care beds makes it possible to operate beds using a tablet app, plus a sensor system is capable of alerting carers in a number of situations, such as if the patient leaves his or her bed unexpectedly in the night. more >>

The new practico ultra low 9.5/80 provides even more freedom and safety for restless patients. The lying surface can be lowered to just 9.5 cm, practically ruling out injuries from accidental falls out of bed. more >>