Freedom thanks to in-bed sensors

SMART Care Control® also features conventional or wireless sensor-based monitoring systems that alert staff using standard care software and nurse-call systems to inform carers in a number of situations, such as if a patient leaves his or her bed unexpectedly in the night, allowing them to check on the patient. Thanks to the in-bed sensor, SMART Care Control® makes it possible to do without measures that limit mobility, such as side rails, giving patients more freedom.

Comfort at the touch of a finger

The SMART Care Control® intelligent bed control system makes it easy for carers and patients to set comfortable bed positions. Preferred lying positions can be saved and easily accessed at the touch of a finger thanks to the graphical user interface. Important therapeutic positions such as the Trendelenburg and shock positions are pre-programmed to allow quick use by medical care professionals if needed. The SMART Care Control® app can both support and completely replace the use of conventional hand controls.

Added functions

We are currently developing additional monitoring functions, such as bedsore and moisture sensors.