What tomorrow will be like is being decided today: Sustainability

At first glance, sustainability is probably the keyword of the decade. At a second glance, however, it conceals a great opportunity: If you really take sustainability seriously and go through your everyday life – or your own company – with a keen eye, you will quickly realise that even small measures can make a big difference. That is why our catalogue of sustainability measures is dynamic: The more consciously we think and act, the more we notice possibilities for change. Here are some examples.

Production, Service, and Logistics

Especially in production, bock acts sustainably. Our care beds are delivered in a pre-assembled state by reusable transport systems without boxes. Substances that are toxic or harmful are banned from production. Customer service tours are planned in an environmentally optimised manner as a general rule.


At our company in Verl, we already have electric car charging stations. Furthermore, the bock company cars are gradually being converted into hybrid and electric vehicles.


The bock office building in Verl is consciously designed with environmental considerations in mind, both inside and outside. A car park without sealing, a heat pump for cooling and heating using geothermal energy, a ventilation system with heat recovery and LED lighting controlled in part by presence detectors are just a few examples of this.


In cooperation with ORCA GmbH, an environmental and ecological model was defined:

“An integrated corporate objective at Hermann Bock GmbH is a long-term and considerate approach to nature and its resources so that the latter are preserved, or can even be recovered. It follows the understanding that this is the only way that we can act in a responsible manner as entrepreneurs!”

The following environmental goals were derived from this:

  • significant reduction of the ecological footprint in all environmentally relevant areas
  • priority: climate optimisation to achieve climate neutrality
  • proactive: using and/or developing successful environmental strategies

Supplier Audits

In addition to compliance criteria, we also select our suppliers according to CO2 criteria, and we prefer regional partners. Furthermore, we require our suppliers to observe a clearly defined CSR code, which we consider as an essential basis for cooperation.