The biggest assets for bock: The people within the company

The bock company is developing with great strides. Many things within the company are changing: the products, the key figures, and, of course, our processes. However, what we are and will always remain is a dynamic, medium-sized company with strong regional roots in East-Westphalia-Lippe.

A company with a powerful workforce that is many things at the same time: a fascinating community which provides support. A team which pulls together. A vibrant community which secures its competitive edge with innovative strength, craftmanship, and technical finesse.

These are the people that are committed to bock. Just as the company bock is doing its utmost for them.

Work-Life Balance

36% of the employees make use of flexible working time models. But that's not all - with these further measures, bock optimises the work-life balance for the workforce:

  • Solutions to work from home
  • 30 days annual leave
  • Monthly benefits
  • Holiday pay
  • Pension schemes
  • Health check-ups

Preventative Health Care

Ergonomic workplaces, personal protective equipment for all employees, fresh fruit every day, health bonus, eye and back check-ups and ... a company vaccination offer (influenza, COVID-19).

Parental leave

Doing something good for the next bock generation: In 2020, the average parental leave was 4.3 months. 37.5% of the employees on parental leave were men.

Feel Good

Be it a department event, regular information from the company management, a Christmas party or the “bock rocks” campaign – bock places great emphasis on an authentic, transparent feelgood atmosphere.

Health and Safety

With these measures, bock guarantees the best possible occupational safety:

  • Ear protection, protective equipment and work clothing
  • Safety is an obligation under the German Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Working Hours Act, the Works Constitution Act, the Plant Regulation on Industrial Establishments, the European Machinery Directive, the Standards of the German Employer’s Liability Insurance Association and ISO 9001
  • Meetings of the Occupational Safety Committee
  • Occupational health examinations
  • Documentation of internal measures
  • Basic health examinations


We want employees with opinions. We encourage an active suggestion scheme, offer a lot of personal freedom of choice, and actively incorporate the workers´council into processes.


At bock, multicultural cooperation doesn’t only exist on paper: More than 193 people from more than 16 nations work here.

Company service and loyalty

We are proud that many bock employees have been a permanent part of our company for a very long time.

0–10 years with bock: 63.1%
10–20 years with bock: 17.4%
Over 20 years with bock: 19.5%

We are glad to repay this loyalty: the company sticks by its employees, even in periods of crisis.