From slatted frames to high-tech nursing care beds

Hermann Bock GmbH looks back on more than 100 successful years in business. Over the past ten decades, we have distinguished ourselves time and time again with a host of innovations. A wide range of breakthrough developments and patented solutions has made us a pioneer in the care market. Our special interest in promoting good health through proper lying began with the production of slatted frames in the early 1970s. Development and manufacture of a dual-motor slatted frame was followed by the first electrically height-adjustable care bed in 1983. Since 1992, bock has offered complete furnishing concepts for nursing and healthcare institutions and has since became one of the leading German manufacturers of beds for therapy and care.

We strive to make maximum quality, safety and comfort a reality through ideas, knowledge and state-of-the-art production technology. Our nursing care beds ensure a better quality of life through increased well-being with every innovation aimed at promoting good health. This is our contribution to a well-functioning, efficient healthcare system – one we will continue striving to make in the future.