Customer Information MDR - the new EU Medical Device Regulation 2017 / 745 (MDR).

We would like to inform you about the new EU Medical Device Regulation 2017 / 745 (MDR). Already today we, Hermann Bock GmbH, promise that every product placed on the market as of May 26, 2020 will be compliant with the new EU Medical Products Directive. more >>

Incontinence and bed exit alarm for smartphones

At Rehacare 2018, the bed manufacturer Hermann Bock GmbH ( will showcase an innovative care support solution that can be quickly and discreetly added to beds. The new TEXIBLE Wisbi sensor pad detects moisture and bed leaving. It is also capable of sending notifications to care givers’ and family members’ smartphones as needed. Healthcare equipment suppliers and specialised retailers can now order the pad exclusively from Hermann Bock GmbH. more >>

From comfort bed to nursing care bed: bock showcases new stellar

At the Rehacare trade fair in Düsseldorf, the bed manufacturer bock ( will showcase its redesigned stellar upholstered comfort bed. “The bed uses a modular system,” Managing Director Klaus Bock explains. “stellar can be expanded and even transformed into a fully fledged nursing care bed while always maintaining the elegant look of an upholstered bed. The stellar double bed can even be modified on one half only.” more >>

Intelligent innovation from East Westphalia: Smart nursing care bed receives award for innovation

Hermann Bock GmbH has been selected as the recipient of the OWL “Zukunft gestalten” [Shaping the Future] award for innovation. In a region home to strong players in intelligent technical industry with companies such as Arvato, Hella and Miele, bock − a family business − truly impressed with the newly developed SMART Care Control system, whose name reflects its aim. more >>

Highly functional upholstered bed for all living situations – stellar comfort bed for people with discerning taste

Hermann Bock GmbH is showcasing innovations that target comfort in bed at the 2017 Altenpflege trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany. With stellar, the manufacturer of nursing care beds is presenting an upholstered bed that is suitable for combined residential and care facilities, such as assisted living, but which is also an attractive option for use at home as an elegant addition to the bedroom. In keeping with the times, user-friendliness is guaranteed for all bed functions − from the comfort seating position to the reading light − which can be operated with a smartphone app. more >>

Prevention against injury from falls thanks to a low lying position – Ultra low bed provides safety and freedom

Hermann Bock GmbH will be presenting innovations for self-determined and mobilising care at the 2017 Altenpflege trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany. The Germany-based manufacturer will showcase the practico ultra low 9.5/80 nursing care bed, among others. As the name suggests the highly functional nursing care bed can be adjusted to any height between 9.5 cm and 80 cm − performance that no other manufacturer can currently match. more >>

bock presents its newest beds for nursing care and at home

At the specialist trade fair, REHACARE 2016, Hermann Bock GmbH ( will be covering the spectrum between nursing care environments and home. From 28 September to 1 October 2016, bock is presenting its beds for all living situations in Düsseldorf. This ranges from electrically adjustable comfort beds for the home to rehabilitation beds for domestic nursing care to innovative ultra-low beds as they are used in modern nursing care facilities. With the help of live demonstrations at booth E25 in hall 5, specialist retailers, end users and caregivers will find out which functions modern beds can provide to assist patients in everyday life. more >>

The dino nursing care bed for young patients at REHACARE

Hermann Bock GmbH ( will be setting new standards in nursing care for children and adolescents at the 2016 REHACARE nursing care trade fair (Düsseldorf, 28 September – 1 October 2016). Its new dino nursing care bed can be lowered almost to the floor, letting young patients experience independent mobility in a safe, accessible environment. To enable this, folding doors can be opened up along the entire length of the bed. With its warm wooden tones and transparent acrylic glass elements, the bed ensures accessibility and optimal safety while creating a feeling of security for children and adolescents in need of care. Thanks to a specially developed lifting mechanism that eliminates any risk of trapping or injuring occupants, the bed can be raised to an ergonomic care height of 86 cm. more >>

bock shows barrier-free ultra-lie-low bed at Altenpflege 2016

Hermann Bock GmbH will present its barrier-free ultra-lie-low bed, practico ultra low 9.5/80, at the Altenpflege 2016 trade fair. So-called ultra-lie-low beds are distinguished from the more common lie-low or low-level bed by the ability to reduce the height of the lying surface to less than 10 centimetres when required. The ground-level lying position reliably protects residents from falls and their consequences, while promoting active mobility. That is because the low height of the bed makes it easier to get out of, and back into, bed at will. The practico ultra low 9.5/80 allows the resident to move the bed to common access positions between 9.5 and 37.5 cm. Nursing staff can also raise the lying surface to a safe working height of 80 cm – the side rails for the care position are integrated into the bed and can be fully lowered. more >>

bock presents its smart low nursing care bed

Nursing care bed manufacturer bock ( has expanded its practico alu nursing care bed range and has equipped it with SMART Care Control® digital care support. bock will present the new version of the bed, complete with wireless sensor and control functions, at the Altenpflege 2016 geriatric care trade fair from 8 to 10 March 2016 in Hanover. more >>

Mobility research in bed: bock presents initial results of its ripolux neo surveillance study

Hermann Bock GmbH is currently conducting a scientific surveillance study to explore the relationship between sleep quality and the mobility of nursing care bed users. The study is being carried out under the scientific supervision of nursing care specialist and epidemiologist Dr Nils Lahmann, who will present his initial results on 8 and 9 March 2016 at the Altenpflege 2016 geriatric care trade fair. The aim of the research project is to determine whether nursing care beds offer benefits in terms of mobility, and if so, what those advantages are. It involves comparing ripolux neo® lying surfaces, which utilise an individual-spring system, with traditional lying surfaces more >>

bock presents new ‘stellar’ comfort bed for all living situations

Bed manufacturer bock ( will present its latest comfort bed, stellar, at the Altenpflege 2016 trade fair (Hanover, 8. – 10 March 2016): “Beds are evolving, from a place intended solely for sleep to an important piece of comfort furniture,” says Dr. Stefan Kettelhoit, Managing Director of Hermann Bock GmbH: “People are increasingly reading, surfing, watching television, making phone calls and even working in their beds.” To cater to that trend, the bed manufacturer, which is based in Verl, Germany, has developed a brand new upholstered bed for style-conscious customers. It transforms into a TV or reading chair at the touch of a button. The bed is called stellar, and can be easily configured for use in nursing applications: it features a lying surface that can be raised to heights of 80 cm as standard, and motorised back and lower leg sections. That makes stellar a particularly good fit for nursing homes and assisted living. more >>

Mobility research in bed – Hermann Bock has lying surfaces scientifically tested

Sleep quality and mobility of nursing care bed users are the focal points of a new surveillance study announced by bed manufacturer Hermann Bock GmbH at the medical technology trade fair Medica (Düsseldorf, Germany, 16 to 19 November 2015). The study will determine the effect that various lying surfaces have on sleep parameters such as comfort, pain perception and restorative quality of sleep. To do this, conventional lying surfaces will be compared to the ripolux neo® lying surface system, which consists of more than 100 individual springs and provides ergonomic relief from pressure points. The movement-supporting effect of the different lying surfaces used is of particular importance for care facilities, according to healthcare expert Dr Nils Lahmann from the Charité Berlin, who is providing scientific support to the study: “Maintaining and increasing mobility in care has to be given more attention, because other studies indicate that mobility is a key factor in many other health conditions.” more >>

Now available: practico ultra low 9.5/80 from Hermann Bock GmbH

With the practico ultra low 9.5/80, Hermann Bock GmbH has created a whole new type of low bed. With its sleeping position of just 9.5 cm above the floor, this “ultra -low bed” reliably protects against falls and, at the same time, promotes a feeling of safety and security for sleepers. Using an auto-stop function, residents can adjust the bed to different preset bed heights between 9.5 cm and 37.5 cm. This allows even people with limited mobility to get in and out of bed on their own. Caregivers can also raise the bed up to a care height of 80 cm. more >>

Hermann Bock GmbH unveils new nursing care bed for children

With dino, Hermann Bock GmbH is setting new standards in nursing care beds for children. The bed features a modular design, allowing it to grow along with young patients for later use in adult life. “We worked with experts to develop the design,” Martin Mühlenkord from Hermann Bock GmbH explains. “dino is specially designed to meet the needs of young people who need care of varying degrees. The design is as safe and kid-friendly as possible.” more >>

Innovation for nursing care beds: the new domiflex provides enhanced comfort and convenience for patients and retailers

Hermann Bock GmbH debuts domiflex − a new generation of beds for at-home care − at the EXPOLIFE (Kassel, 16-18 April 2015) and REHAB (Karlsruhe, 23-25 April 2015) trade fairs. The German manufacturer partnered with healthcare equipment suppliers to redevelop and tailor the model series to perfectly meet the requirements of real-world use. It is now possible to set up and disassemble the domiflex in a matter of minutes − and all without a single tool, which is important as the amount of time that nursing care beds are needed at home is increasingly shorter. more >>

bock presents innovative nursing care bed practico ultra low

Mehr Selbstbestimmung für motorisch unruhige Schläfer: Das bis auf den Boden absenkbare practico ultraniedrig macht Aus-dem-Bett-Fallen ungefährlich.
Hermann Bock GmbH will debut a completely new category of nursing care beds at the Altenpflege geriatric care trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany (24–26 March 2015). bock “ultra low” beds can be set to single-centimetre heights to allow for comfortable sleeping positions. “We created a new lying surface for the practico ultra low that can be lowered almost to floor level,” says Klaus Bock, the company’s Managing Director. “In doing so, we have tailored the bed even more strongly to the needs of persons who require care and have made restricting measures in the sleeping position, such as side rails, completely unnecessary.” As usual for modern nursing care beds, the bed can be raised and lowered electrically to make it easier for patients to get in and out. more >>

Bock requests assessment: impeccable quality for all products

The care bed manufacturer Hermann Bock GmbH ( located at Verl, Germany, has asked for a so-called “voluntary product assessment” from the TÜV Süd. The well-known German notified body and testing organization has now announced the results: all products applied for have passed the assessment with flying colors. At the same time the company quality management of Hermann Bock GmbH was subjected to a certification audit according to the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. more >>

New care bed provides protection against nosocomial infections

At the Rehacare trade fair in Duesseldorf (Germany) the Hermann Bock GmbH shows for the first time serial production care beds equipped with a permanently lasting antimicrobial protection based upon metal ions. Contact surfaces of the new Bock-beds, with the so called CLEAN GUARD™-System, regularly touched by patients, family members and nursing staff, are now manufactured with antimicrobial materials. "We are thereby introducing an additional and permanent active principle against nosocomial infections, also known as hospital-acquired infections", explains Bock Managing Director Dr. Stefan Kettelhoit. "We are the first manufacturer of nursing care beds to use antimicrobial metals, which have been successfully tested for efficacy and safety, in serial production." more >>