Module accessories: Custom-fit interior padding

Additional padding can be added to the dino as and when required. The comfortable padding elements have a transparent window in the head area, offering the highest level of safety.

// All-over padding
// Head padding
// Windows
// Padded edges


New standards in care for young people

The innovative dino nursing care bed offers comfort and safety as well as a homely atmosphere. Smart details and high functionality appeal to parents and care givers. 
Large acrylic glass window offers children a safe and homely atmosphere plus clear views inside and out. The low-level lying position provides young patients with safety while they sleep and play. The stable lifting columns allow the bed to be raised up to 86 cm – whatever height is required for ergonomically optimal nursing care and therapy.
The dino modular nursing care bed can be expanded and tailored to the requirements of young people.

Module accessories: Increasing side rail height

The side rail height can be increased from 74 cm to 109 cm using snap-on modules. Side rail height can even be increased to 144 cm by fitting two modules on top of one another. The snap-on modules connect firmly to the aluminium frame und offer the highest level of stability and safety.


Advantages at a glance

  • Comfort and flexibility
  • Optimal accessibility thanks to fold-out doors (also for use in therapy)
  • Safe and homely atmosphere
  • Unique low-level position
  • Innovative lifting columns lower without risk of injury from crushing
  • Flexible height adjustment for more convenience in care
  • Child-friendly features
  • Modular concept
  • Ergonomic, electrically adjustable lying surface
  • Saliva-proof surfaces
  • Designed in accordance with standard in development prEN 50637

Basic equipment

  • Mattress RG 40
  • SMPS with extra-low voltage system
  • Total height: 74 cm
  • Folding doors on one side with timber braces and acrylic windows
  • Electric height adjustment
  • Removable aluminium slats
  • Highly stable triple telescopic lifting column system
  • Solid wood, beech, natural finish (clear varnished)
  • Wood resistant to perspiration and saliva in accordance with DIN 71-3
  • Safety stops at 22 cm and 34 cm


  • Total weight: 165 kg
  • Lying surface dimension: 90 x 170 cm
  • External dimension: 106.5 x 215 cm
  • Safe working load: 170 kg
  • Maximum person weight: 135 kg
  • Height adjustment: 16 – 86 cm
  • Lifter space: >15 cm
  • Side rail height: 74 cm, adaptable for 109 cm and 144 cm
  • Motors: water-resistant to IPX4, high-quality spiral cable with anti-kink cable management, fuse in the mains plug, SMPS with extra-low voltage system.
  • Lying surface: 4-section

Safety guarantees

  • Fuse in the mains plug
  • Thermal fuse
  • Locking function
  • Hand control with single fault safety
  • Special spiral mains cable
  • Pull relief at power plug and anti-kink cable management
  • Water resistance to IPX4


Lying surfaces
Aluminium lying surface with removable barsRigid lying surface, aluminium

Aluminium lying surface with removable bars

  • Extra light
  • Stable
  • Washable
  • With removable bars

Rigid lying surface, aluminium

  •     Extra light
  •     Stable
  •     Washable
  •     With removable bars
Bock standard mattress RG 40Nursing care mattress with PU cover RG 40riposan-mattress RG 55  (anti-decubitus mattress)

Bock standard mattress RG 40

  • Density 40 kg/m3
  • PU-foam mattress, 90 × 200 × 12 cm
  • Hinged
  • 2-sided zip, Cover made of elastic knitware (180 g/m², 58 % polyester, 42 % cotton)
  • Washable 95 ˚C, autoclavable 105 ˚C

Nursing care mattress with PU cover RG 40

  • Density 40 kg/m3
  • PU-foam mattress, 90 × 200 × 12 cm
  • Hinged
  • 2-sided zip, PU cover
  • Washable up to 95 ˚C, autoclavable up to 105 ˚C

riposan-mattress RG 55 (anti-decubitus mattress)

  • Density 55 kg/m3
  • PU-foam mattress, approx. 14 cm high
  • 2-sided zip, double cover, knitted fabric
  • Washable up to 95 °C
  • 5 - section anti-decubitus mattress
  • Suitable for allergic persons, dirt-resistent
Higher bed borderInterior padding: head paddingInterior padding: all-over paddingDoors on both sides

Higher bed border

  • Bed border height: 109 cm
  • When using two modules: bed border 144 cm

Interior padding: head padding

Interior padding: all-over padding

Doors on both sides

Extras: interior padding colour
TaupeApple greenBrownDark greyAubergine



Apple green




Dark grey






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