Specially reinforced nursing care bed for patients weighing up to 185 kg

We also produce our most popular home-care bed in a version that is especially strong. The wide range of proven lying surface settings match those of the standard models so that patients who weigh more than average do not have to compromise on comfort with the domiflex 185.

The domiflex 185 provides clearance for lifters up to 23 cm, and together with its ability to be safely raised to 81 cm and withstand up to 220 kg, it ensures outstanding professional care conditions for patients weighing up to 185 kg.

Basic equipment

  • SMPS with extra-low voltage system
  • Colour: Havanna
  • Lifting pole with triangle grip
  • Integrated wooden side rails
  • Transport and storage system
  • End panel fully covered on the outside
  • Wooden slats with section reinforcement


  • Total weight: 93 kg
  • Lying surface dimension: 90 x 200 cm
  • External dimension: 103 x 214 cm
  • Safe working load: 220 kg
  • Maximum person weight: 185 kg
  • Height adjustment: 40 – 81 cm
  • Lifter space: 23 cm
  • Side rail height: 37 cm with wooden slats 34 cm with ripolux neo®
  • Motors: water-resistant to IPX4, high-quality spiral cable with anti-kink cable management, fuse in the mains plug, SMPS with extra-low voltage system.
  • Lying surface: 4-section

Safety guarantees

  • Fuse in the mains plug
  • Secondary fuse/polyswitch
  • Thermal fuse
  • Locking function
  • Hand control with single fault safety
  • Special spiral mains cable
  • Pull relief at power plug and anti-kink cable management
  • Water resistance to IPX4
  • Distortion-free, highly stable side rails


Special length
Bed extension to 220 cm

Bed extension to 220 cm

Lying surfaces
Wooden slats with section reinforcementAluminium lying surface with removable bars

Wooden slats with section reinforcement

  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to clean

Aluminium lying surface with removable bars

  • Extra light
  • Stable
  • Washable
  • With removable bars
Bariatric mattress up to 200 kgBariatric mattress with gel cover up to 300 kg

Bariatric mattress up to 200 kg

  • Foam mattress, approx. 20 cm high
  • Two outer cores made of cold foam and a highly resilient special foam, approx. 12 cm high
  • Zipper on 4 sides, high quality microfibre double cover
  • Washable up to 60°C

Bariatric mattress with gel cover up to 300 kg

  • Density 50 kg/m3
  • PU-foam mattress, approx. 14 cm high + gel cover, 0,5 cm high
  • Zipper on two sides, PU cover, blue
  • Washable up to 95 °C, suitable for dryer up to 50 °C
  • Sandwich construction ensures lying comfort
Mattress compensation

Mattress compensation

Lifting pole with triangle gripInfusions holder for lifting poleInfusions holder, quadrupleInfusions holderBed extensionMattress extension for 220 cm lengthClip-on side railsGrab railUniversal clamp with drainage bag holderUniversal clamp with urine bottle holderSide rail bumpersTransport and storage systemTEXIBLE Wisbi HOME

Lifting pole with triangle grip

Infusions holder for lifting pole

  • with two hooks for infusion bags

Infusions holder, quadruple

  • Telescopic

Infusions holder

  • Double
  • Affixed to lifting pole

Bed extension

Mattress extension for 220 cm length

Clip-on side rails

  • Raises side rails by approx. 10 cm
  • Available for:
    • continuous side rails
    • long-divided side rails
    • short-divided side rails

Grab rail

Universal clamp with drainage bag holder

Universal clamp with urine bottle holder

Side rail bumpers

  • Available for long splitted, short slitted and continuous side rails

Transport and storage system


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Bed lamps
Bed lamp model EAttachable bed lamp F

Bed lamp model E

Attachable bed lamp F

Model F
Illuminant : LED
Swiveling head
Switchable via hand control