Sensor-supported monitoring system

SMART Care Control combines data from the bed’s integrated sensors and technology, and presents it via a graphic display.

That gives you a unique and valuable overview of the well-being of your residents – without unnecessary checks – letting you concentrate on the most important tasks!

Quick overview and comprehensive documentation

SMART Care Control automatically saves technical and sensor-related data and makes it available for care records, giving you the security of comprehensive documented evidence in case of any questions. SMART Care Control does not store personal information, such as names or general health-related information. Sensor data is stored under pseudonyms and can be traced back to residents later during record-keeping, ensuring data protection.

Intelligent bed control

The programmable bed controls can specifically save each resident’s preferred bed positions – and when necessary for therapeutic reasons, can be used to define limits to the bed settings the resident can choose using the hand control.

Important therapeutic positions such as the Trendelenburg and shock positions are pre-programmed to allow quick use by medical care professionals if needed. The SMART Care Control® app can both support and completely replace the use of conventional hand controls.

Increased safety and more freedom

The sensor technology's notification functions can be specifically configurated for each resident. SMART Care Control  informs carers in a number of situations, such as if a patient leaves his or her bed unexpectedly or does not return to bed after an individually defined period of time. Carers can react situations-specific – without unneccessary routine checks.

SMART Care Control records data from the entire lying surface. Thanks to smart sensors, the SCC sensor pad is so small that patients will hardly notice it. The pad is positioned under the mattress, ensuring uninterrupted comfort for residents.

Thanks to the in-bed sensor, SMART Care Control makes it possible to do without measures that limit mobility, such as side rails, giving patients more freedom.

Qualified notifications for situation-specific care

SMART Care Control helps you maintain an overview: The app tells you which residents currently need your help – and which residents are managing independently. That allows care givers to react appropriately to specific situations, saving time and energy.

SMART Care Control gives you 3 different types of messages, individually configuered for each patient.

  • Simple notification, as a status report in the app
  • Silent alarm, as a smartphone message
  • Direct staff alert via the in-house call system

SMART Care Control provides double the safety: The optional call system connection means that important alarms can be triggered even if no mobile network is available. Thanks to wireless notification, care givers can also receive information even in the event of a call system outage – and even if they are nowhere near the call system, such as in another resident’s room.

The SMART Care Control Apps

Added functions

We are currently developing additional monitoring functions, such as bedsore and moisture sensors.

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