Smartphone notifications

The SMART Care TEXIBLE Wisbi sensor pad is a smart mattress cover with sensor technology that helps make it possible to adapt care to the situation at hand. Using Wi-Fi, the system connects to the care giver or family member’s smartphone. The mattress cover sends a message if the person being cared for leaves the bed or if the pad gets wet. The corresponding smartphone app is available from the App Store free of charge for Android and Apple devices.

Bed exit monitor

Unaccompanied or accidental bed exiting often poses a health risk for people in need of care. Problems with balance while getting out of bed or disorientation can make activities such as trips to the toilet difficult. TEXIBLE Wisbi’s bed exit assistant provides help. The sensor pad alerts care givers that their patient or loved one has gotten out of bed, either immediately or after a certain amount of time that can be set individually, so that they can offer assistance in case anything happens. For persons in need of care who are still capable of making trips to the toilet on their own, TEXIBLE Wisbi only alerts care givers if the time spent out of bed lasts unusually long, allowing them to provide help quickly, if need be.

Especially at night, TEXIBLE Wisbi gives care givers and family members an opportunity to relax, without having to constantly check in on their patients or loved ones. The peace of mind that comes with immediate notification of emergency situations lets people in need of care and care givers alike get a better night’s rest.

Moisture sensor

Urinary incontinence is often both an emotional stress factor as well as a serious health risk that can lead to skin irritation and incontinence-related dermatitis, also known as diaper rash. TEXIBLE Wisibi gives care givers peace of mind that their loved ones are not lying in a wet bed and minimises the associated health risks. It also helps eliminate the need to change diapers and incontinence pads preventively, instead making it possible to wait until the need arises.