Safe and patient-friendly

Ultra low beds from Hermann Bock GmbH can be adjusted to any height between 9.5 cm and 80 cm, from an ultra-low lying position (9.5 cm) to a comfortable access position (40 cm) and an ergonomic care height (80 cm). Our beds provide added safety and freedom for patients while making carers' work easier.

Unlike roll-off mattresses that can make it difficult for patients to get out of bed safely, the practico ultra low 9.5/80 lets residents choose for themselves the perfect, safe position for them to get in and out of bed any time they want.

Design and functionality in perfect harmony

The lying surface of our new ultra low beds features a wide range of adjustment options for comfortable resting and sleeping positions. It allows patients at risk from falls to lie independently – without limiting their mobility.

Our new ultra low beds' telescopic column has a stylish design, plus it ensures sturdiness and stability at every bed height. Large castors with an integrated wall-protection system make the bed perfect for everyday use.

practico ultra low

Barrier-free, independent, low: the new practico ultra low 9.5/80 makes a comfortable sleeping position a reality at a bed height of only 9.5 cm. This innovation avoids restriction and ushers in a new way of thinking in nursing care. more >>