First choice for rehab and care

  • High-performance plastic for long-lasting elasticity and durability
  • Springs available in three different degrees of hardness, individually adjustable
  • Springs can be adjusted to fit individual needs – without tools
  • Harmonious pressure balance thanks to independent suspension and multiple small springs
  • No moisture absorption and easy cleaning – for maximum hygiene
  • Ideal ventilation and few supporting surfaces keep mould from forming
  • The mattress can move freely, preventing it from getting stuck in bed slats, caught in the frame or wrinkling

ripolux® neo: the lying surface for every need

The flexible lying surface system can be adjusted to fit the body's pressure distribution perfectly – for everyone, no matter how large or small, heavy or light, impaired or physically able. ripolux® neo ensures comfortable, ergonomic positioning in bed, in every sitting and lying position, and for every medical need:

Handicaps and paralysis
When patients' senses and/or bodies are affected by disease or paralysis, ripolux® neo helps – with selective pressure relief plus targeted back and body support.

Pain and bedsores
With ripolux® neo, carers can relieve pressure on patients' backs in no time at all – and support other areas of the body at the same time.

Parkinson's, dementia and Alzheimer's
ripolux® neo is individually adjustable to patients' comfort requirements and creates a maximum sense of well-being, making it possible to reduce tension, restlessness and night activity.