+++ current information +++

Dear customers and partners,

since the beginning of 2020 the effects of the Corona crisis hit us unexpected and raised new challenges. We at Hermann Bock adapted our safety and hygienic concepts, in order to meet the situation. This enables us to be fully operative in regards to our production and our services for you.

Our delivery capacity is given at all time and we can react flexible and within short notice on your requests. Thanks to the changes we need to make in our production processes, due to the Coronoa- pandemic, we are in the situation that we can scale even faster and supply you with a wider range of varieties. With regards to our production planning, we will be happy to take your demands into account with priority.

Our safety and hygienic concepts, which have been modified based on the challenges of the pandemic, reflect the current state of science in order to exclude the potential danger of the virus during the production and logistic processes.

We are looking forward to our further cooperation and wish you all health and success in these still challenging times.

You can find our partners on: https://en.bock.net/contact/distribution-partners/ and our team under https://en.bock.net/contact/team/ .

Best regards,

Klaus Bock