Together for ethic in care

In cooperation with our partner SPECTARIS “Pflege- und Krankenhausbetten“ ( association for hospital and nursing care beds) we developed a declaration that commits every manufacturer of nursing care beds to take ethical aspects into account.

This self-commitment is based upon the charter of care, which  in eight articles  strengthens the rights of people  in the need of help or care. In doing so the nursing care bed becomes the focus of the care processes. We commit to develop all  our nursing care beds with regards to the needs  of carerers, people in need of care and their relatives. bock nursing care beds protect the safety of the users, supports the  daily care process and are homely designed.

We are glad to be a part of this initiative and look forward to the further common developments and stimulation of  the sustainability of care - everything under the pledge of  “ Together for ethic in care”. 

Further details about this self- commitment can be found on the following link (german version):