Highly functional upholstered bed for all living situations – stellar comfort bed for people with discerning taste

With its stellar upholstered bed, Hermann Bock GmbH has developed a comfort bed that is also suitable for nursing applications.

Hermann Bock GmbH is showcasing innovations that target comfort in bed at the 2017 Altenpflege trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany. With stellar, the manufacturer of nursing care beds is presenting an upholstered bed that is suitable for combined residential and care facilities, such as assisted living, but which is also an attractive option for use at home as an elegant addition to the bedroom. In keeping with the times, user-friendliness is guaranteed for all bed functions − from the comfort seating position to the reading light − which can be operated with a smartphone app.

“The extensive functionality of nursing care beds enables comfort settings that healthy individuals also really appreciate,” Managing Director Klaus Bock says. “We are now applying our expertise in this area to a bed that lives up to the highest standards in terms of appearance and technology − one intended for situations where there is no need for care or as invisible preparation for such a need later on.”

Transformation from an upholstered bed into a recliner

stellar’s exceptional functionality is not only due to the high degree of adjustability that allows for various comfort positions, turning the bed’s surface into a recliner. Thanks to the ripolux neo lying surface, the bed also provides users with ergonomic support while asleep as well as ideal ventilation of the mattress. The bed scores even more points with additional technical features, such as various lighting options, an integrated USB charging socket and the ability to operate the system with a smartphone app.

stellar is available as a single or double bed with various widths between 90 and 200 cm and lengths of up to 220 cm. An extensive selection of high-quality fabrics, leather and wood options ensure that the bed can be perfectly matched to suit the unique ambiance of every space.

Possibility to accommodate care needs later on

With all of these features, stellar appeals to private customers and retirement home residents who not only use their beds as a place to sleep, but who also view the bedroom as an extension of their living space. The innovative upholstered bed’s special ability to adapt to future needs means that it is a real winner for elderly people in particular. If circumstances require a change in living conditions, the stellar can be converted into a nursing care bed without great effort, all while contributing the key functionality to serve as one.

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