ICN congress in Barcelona

29.05.2017, Barcelona


Symposium: Digitization of nursing home beds increases patient safety and patient outcomes

At the ICN congress, the world conference of the International Council of Nurses, Hermann Bock GmbH hosts a symposium, presenting the design and first results of a surveillance study, which are highly relevant for residential care. Major topic of the study is to evaluate and assess the effects of different types of lying surfaces on the resident's wellbeing.

By way of this clinical cross-over study, which was funded by bock, researchers assessed how different lying surfaces effect the mobility of the residents. Apart from subjective parameters like comfort, pain perception and restorative quality of sleep, the researchers also collected objective sensor data concerning the movement patterns and movement intensity of the residents in bed. Furthermore, within the framework of the symposium, the history and relevance of care beds, as the key medical aid, is referred to. Amongst others, thereby current trends and innovations concerning e.g. intelligent assisted care (SMART Care) are covered.

The symposium is scheduled on the 29.05. from 11.30 to 13.00 in room 212. The ICN Conference takes place from 27.05. to 01.06.2017 in Barcelona. Further information: http://www.icnbarcelona2017.com/en/