Immediate extension of the bock floorline category: with the practico ultra low 9.5|80

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Only at the beginning of the year, bock opened a new category of low and very low beds with the worldwide introduction of the floorline 15I80. The strategy of the floorline nursing care beds: on the one hand, they can be lowered to a particularly low level for safe lying and sleeping of the residents, and on the other hand, they can also be raised to a particularly high level for maximum ease of work for the caregivers. Already now the floorline category is setting new trends: With the addition of the proven practico ultra low 9.5|80, even a lowering to 9.5 cm can be implemented- to operators, this offers the possibility of creating professional care conditions for people with a special need of care.

The "benchmark" among ultra-low beds: the practico ultra low 9.5I80

With a lowering height of 9.5 cm, the practico ultra low 9.5I80 makes it possible to lie extremely close to the floor without fear and effectively protects residents with high care needs from fall-related injuries. Falling out of bed is virtually no longer possible; instead, the resident can slide out and also return into it independently on “all-fours” thanks to the barrier-free low position. Due to the maximum adjustable working height, caregivers can work at the bed in a back friendly manner. Another advantage of the practico ultra low 9.5|80 is the special lifting column mechanism on the head and foot end, which guarantees for easy cleaning and space for patient lifters or hoists underneath the bed. Contact us now: We will inform you in detail!     


Safer and more individual:                                                        Consistent work simplification

practico ultra low 9.5I80 for residents                                       practico ultra low 9.5I80 for caregivers:

• Gliding instead of falling: Safety without fixation                                         • Optimum working height of 80 cm
  also for restless sleepers                                                                             • Integrated, tool-free bed extension to 210 and 220 cm including
• Ergonomic backrest                                                                                       side rails that are extended automatically with the bed 
  and mattress compensation                                                                        • Easy-to-operate hand control with locking functions
• Three different lying surface systems for                                                    • Reliable stability at any bed heights
  individual comfort                                                                                        • Lifter space 15 cm
Various seating and lying settings,                                                             • Trendelenburg / Anti-Trendelenburg
  including comfort sitting position                                                             
• As a standard with under-bed                                                                      
  light for more safety at night