Innovation for nursing care beds: the new domiflex provides enhanced comfort and convenience for patients and retailers

Technicians can assemble the new domiflex nursing care bed at the patient's home in less than five minutes and without a single tool.
Technicians can assemble the new domiflex nursing care bed at the patient's home in less than five minutes and without a single tool.

Hermann Bock GmbH debuts domiflex − a new generation of beds for at-home care − at the EXPOLIFE (Kassel, 16-18 April 2015) and REHAB (Karlsruhe, 23-25 April 2015) trade fairs. The German manufacturer partnered with healthcare equipment suppliers to redevelop and tailor the model series to perfectly meet the requirements of real-world use. It is now possible to set up and disassemble the domiflex in a matter of minutes − and all without a single tool, which is important as the amount of time that nursing care beds are needed at home is increasingly shorter.

“In addition to an affordable purchase price, one of the key objectives of our partners at the healthcare equipment suppliers was ensuring low follow-up costs, which mean a price advantage over the product’s entire useful life of eight to twelve years,” Klaus Bock says. The managing director of development and production at Hermann Bock GmbH proudly notes that they have even managed to surpass this target: “In a long-term comparison, the new domiflex is considerably more affordable than all other comparable beds.” In addition to the warranty period for the motor, which has been extended to five years, the abridged safety check further increases the cost-effectiveness of the domiflex. The complex and costly measurements of leakage current, which had previously been necessary, can now be omitted entirely, for example.

Easy set-up without a single tool: the Push-and-ReadyTM system

The developers also faced the task of ensuring that all individual components stay attached to the bed to prevent even a single screw from being lost as the bed is set up and disassembled any number of times. To accommodate this demand, Hermann Bock GmbH developed a new locking system known as Push-and-ReadyTM. Together with ready-mounted components that are easy to handle, this system, which requires no tools to set up, ensures that the maintenance costs of the domiflex remain low. What’s more, Push-and-ReadyTM cuts down on the time needed for set-up and disassembly. The new nursing care bed from Bock can be assembled at the patient’s home by a single technician from the healthcare equipment supplier in less than five minutes. The domiflex is scheduled to go into series production at the site in Verl, Germany in the next several weeks.