Intelligent innovation from East Westphalia: Smart nursing care bed receives award for innovation

SMART Care Control nursing care beds communicate with the newly developed app from bock for tablet computers and smartphones.
SMART Care Control nursing care beds communicate with the newly developed app from bock for tablet computers and smartphones.

Hermann Bock GmbH has been selected as the recipient of the OWL “Zukunft gestalten” [Shaping the Future] award for innovation. In a region home to strong players in intelligent technical industry with companies such as Arvato, Hella and Miele, bock − a family business − truly impressed with the newly developed SMART Care Control system, whose name reflects its aim.

The high-profile jury for the “Zukunft gestalten” [Shaping the Future] innovation award honoured products with which companies are helping to overcome social challenges of the future. “The demographic change and the growing demands on care that it entails are societal issues that we here at bock are intensely focused on,” says Dr Stefan Kettelhoit, Managing Director of Hermann Bock GmbH. “Since we develop and manufacture our products exclusively in-house in Verl, we are naturally thrilled that our commitment to viable care for the future has made a positive impression here in the region as well.”

The SMART Care Control® technology links sensor-supported monitoring, programmable bed controls and wireless notifications on a care giver’s smartphone. The intelligent technology is integrated into nursing care beds designed for acute and long-term care situations, and it is peerless worldwide in terms of its range of functions.

Care givers are supported in everyday nursing routines by SMART Care Control, which notifies them by app if, for example, a resident who is prone to falling is about to get out of bed − before the resident actually gets up or possibly slips out of bed by accident. Sensor data is displayed as a chart on the smartphone, which allows care givers to see whether a resident is moving enough in bed, or whether that person needs to be moved to prevent bedsores. In addition, the data recorded by the system can be added directly into patient documentation, which alleviates the bureaucratic part of providing care.

The smart system ensures greater safety, independence and privacy for residents, not to mention the peace of mind that someone will be promptly on hand to provide assistance whenever it is truly needed. For care givers, the system lightens their load in terms of routine tasks and documentation. “The time that the system frees up benefits residents,” Kettelhoit says with certainty. “We know that making countless rounds and dealing with a lot of bureaucracy put a strain on care givers, who would prefer to spend more time looking after residents’ needs. Through SMART Care Control, we help make this a reality.”   

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