Prevention against injury from falls thanks to a low lying position – Ultra low bed provides safety and freedom

The lying position in extreme proximity to the floor made possible by the practico ultra low 9.5/80 from bock provides restless patients with safety without any restrictions whatsoever.

Hermann Bock GmbH will be presenting innovations for self-determined and mobilising care at the 2017 Altenpflege trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany. The Germany-based manufacturer will showcase the practico ultra low 9.5/80 nursing care bed, among others. As the name suggests the highly functional nursing care bed can be adjusted to any height between 9.5 cm and 80 cm − performance that no other manufacturer can currently match.

For residents and care givers, the advantage of the bed’s ultra low position in direct proximity to the floor is that such a low height virtually rules out injuries sustained from accidentally rolling out of bed. An ultra low bed therefore ensures the safety of residents and provides them with total freedom, which means absolutely no side rails or other restraints that limit mobility. Naturally, the practico ultra low 9.5/80 can also be adjusted to standard heights for getting into and out of the bed with preset stops.

“When developing new products and innovations, we always keep an eye on the expert standards set by the German Network for Quality Development in Nursing (DNQP). For example, the practico ultra low 9.5/80 offers more than just barrier-free accessibility and safety with regard to the expert standard on mobility. The extreme proximity to the floor makes it possible for many patients to get into bed again on their own if they accidentally roll out, for example by crawling in on all fours,” sales manager Martin Mühlenkord says. In addition, a low lying position also provides residents who have limited mobility with a tactile sense of comfort and security, as they can touch the ground with their hands while lying in bed.

For care givers, the use of ultra low beds saves time because they no longer have to put out roll-down mattresses or take other precautions to prevent injuries that residents may sustain by falling out of bed. Thanks to the wide range of different possible heights, the practico ultra low 9.5/80 can also be adjusted up to a height of 80 cm for providing care that goes easy on care givers’ backs.

The Altenpflege trade fair takes place in the Nuremberg (Germany) Exhibition Centre from 25 to 27 April 2017.

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