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Read about what CEO Klaus Bock says about refurbishment at bock

As a German manufacturer of quality care beds, we are aware of our responsibility for people and the environment. Care for people and nature is deeply rooted in our corporate strategy. We have set out on the path towards sustainability, and we are taking this path consistently in small and large steps. As the company owner, I am therefore proud of our joint pioneering work. The entire bock workforce is consistently following this path and continues to support us with ideas and suggestions.

As a milestone, we have now sent the first truck with refurbished domiflex care beds on its way to the Netherlands. Together with our partner medux, we are the first. The first German manufacturer of care beds to refurbish beds and breathe new life into them, both technically and in terms of regulation. As a result, we have been able to turn our supposed locational disadvantage into a clear locational advantage. Our partner medux is the first Dutch provider of medical aids to reintroduce them to the Dutch market. 

Together we have set out to become more sustainable, and together we will continue along this path. We look forward to inspiring other national and international partners along the way.