Smart Care Control helps keeping an eye on patients

The intelligent nursing care beds from bock can be controlled with a tablet app.
The intelligent nursing care beds from bock can be controlled with a tablet app.

The newly developed Smart Care Control® bed control system from Hermann Bock GmbH is now available for the practico alu 25/80 and practico ultra low 9.5/80 premium nursing care beds. The remote control and monitoring system enables caregivers to control several features of the bed, such as selecting a lying surface position to suit the patient’s individual needs using a tablet app. It can also communicate wirelessly with existing home electronic devices or institutional care software.

Smart Care Control® combines control functions and sensor systems, which gives patients more comfort and independence in their choice of lying and resting position while providing caregivers with constantly updated feedback on the patient’s condition.

In-bed sensor calls caregivers to the bedside when necessary

The innovative system can be connected to existing nurse call systems via a cable or wireless interface. Intelligent added functions and a modular expandable sensor technology solution allow for modern, patient-friendly care. The in-bed sensor functions as a monitoring system: if a patient leaves the bed unexpectedly, caregivers are informed at once and can check on the patient. “That means more freedom for patients and a lighter workload for caregivers,” says bock Managing Director, Dr Stefan Kettelhoit.

Dr Kettelhoit already has detailed plans for the further development of the system: “In the future, Smart Care Control® will enable our beds to link information from sensors and bed settings and, for example, help patients to get out of bed by themselves through targeted bed control.”

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