Park Residence Alfeld

Location: Alfeld
Target: more comfort and flexibility in everyday care
Solution: full furnishing, practico 25|80 plus

The Park Residence Alfeld is located in the centre of Alfeld Leine. This nursing care home in the idyllic small town focuses on independence, well-being and quality of life of every single person in need of assistance. The large service portfolio includes long- and short-term care, temporary and transitional care as well as outpatient care, assisted living and intensive care. There are 81 nursing care places (45 of them are single rooms), 57 flats for assisted living and further 9 flats for assisted living including intensive care. A library, a hairdresser‘s shop, a kiosk, an open cafeteria and a newly created park round off the complete service.

Initial situation

The Park Residence was extensively modernized before the reopening in December 2020. The task for bock was to create a coherent concept to equip the flats, rooms and lounges comfortably and appropriate for care. It was important to have a modern design and a feel-good concept that optimally supports care in every area. Furthermore, an on-time and rapid delivery was significant since the opening had to take place punctually on 1st December 2020, right after a modernisation due to a water damage.

Approach and benefits

All rooms and flats were equipped with the practico 25|80 plus nursing care bed. Comfort and flexibility go hand in hand with this nursing care bed. Criteria that are top priority for the Residence Director Mr. Schmundt.The practico 25|80 plus, with its 4-section lying surface, mattress compensation and the ergonomic back rest length, offers all residents of the Park Residence Alfeld comfortable and physiological sitting and lying positions.
For best care and safe lying the nursing care bed provides a height adjustment from 25 up to 80 cm. Due to its various functions, the practico 25|80 plus relieves caregivers in their daily routines. Caregivers can rapidly extend the bed length by 10 or 20 cm thanks to the integrated bed- and side rail extension and thus adjust the bed to different care situations and needs of the residents. Especially tall residents enjoy the ergonomic comfort and care professionals benefit from a maximum flexibility without having to convert the bed in a time-consuming and cost-intensive way.

All-around comfort

The homelike atmosphere has been consequently implemented in all rooms and flats thanks to the coherent concept. For a modern touch, Mr. Schmundt decided to use a light oak colour, which is not only found in the practico 25|80 plus, but also in other complementary furniture.
Accompanying the nursing care bed, the bedside cabinet storeline® t300 accommodates the residents’ personal belongings well and within reach. It serves as a shelf, bed side table and also as a tray. Two chairs, which are equipped with a handle and comfortable upholstery, complement the adjacent wheel-chair accessible table. Further storage space for the residents’ clothes is provided in a sideboard and a wardrobe.
Besides the residents’ rooms, bock also took care of the cafeteria equipment of the nursing home. The large and open cafeteria is furnished with a total of 100 chairs and 50 tables. The covers match the whole atmosphere and are made of a hygienic and a long-lasting material. Mr. Schmundt is certain: Residents and guests from the surrounding area enjoy staying here.

*For reasons of a better readability, the masculine form is being used in the reference for personal nouns. In the interest of equal treatment, the corresponding terms apply to all genders

Park Residence Alfeld