Hermann Bock GmbH is a member of rehaKIND e.V.

Hermann Bock GmbH is a member of the charitable organisation rehaKIND e.V. since July 2015. The international association is committed to raising awareness about the special needs of children and young people with disabilities. An independent non-profit organisation, rehaKIND performs public relations work, is involved in training and research projects, and helps advise insurance companies and policymakers. rehaKIND is dedicated to promoting adequate care using assistive devices designed for children.

Here at Hermann Bock, our dino and kängbo nursing care beds for children help create a homely, cosy atmosphere for young patients that is designed to meet their needs. Both series provide easy access and visibility, plus they can be customised and expanded to transform into fully functional adolescent and adult care beds. We look forward to supporting rehaKIND in our capacity as a developer and manufacturer of a wide range of intelligent nursing care beds, from high-quality standard beds for children to customised beds designed for individual patients’ needs.

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