Looking beyond the company’s boundaries: Keyword Social Responsibility

No company stands alone. Clients, business partners, suppliers, the people around, the strong regional inclusion, industry-specific requirements: we assume social responsibility wherever we as a company are in an exchange with our environment. At bock, we are happy to do so.

Responsibility at bock

Be it the accessibility of the company facilities in Verl, the integration of refugees into the bock workforce or worker participation through the works council: we attach great importance to social responsibility.

Ethics in Care

As a member of the German Industry Association for Optics, Photonics, Analyses and Medical Technology "SPECTARIS", bock signed the declaration of commitment to take ethical aspects into account in the production of care beds. This declaration is based on the existing care charter, which sets out the rights of people in need of help and care in 8 articles.


bock specifically commissions disabled facilities for certain supplier tasks: For example, the assembly of the side rail fittings and the ripolux neo® springs is carried out by Wertkreis Gütersloh and the Bodelschwingh Institution (Bethel) – and two Wertkreis employees have become part of the bock workforce.

Regional Roots

We are from Verl and also produce here: consistently “made in Germany”. As this area has given us so much, we give something back. We are involved in the community, support local sports clubs and are an active partner in the region.


bock is committed to the following regional and national projects and organisations:

  • Adamekor: Development of an adaptive and multifunctional multi-component robotics system for use at the care bed.
  • zig: Centre for Innovation in Health Management in East-Westphalia-Lippe (zig)
  • Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg