Elegant and functional nursing care bed designed to meet discerning demands

Classic elegance and a linear design are the hallmarks of the belluno nursing care bed. Thanks to the adjustable lying surface partitioned into four sections, patients can choose from a wide range of resting and other comfort sitting positions. The lying surface is electrically adjustable using a power mechanism that makes creating a comfortable and customised bed position easy thanks to an automatic triple-action function when adjusting the back and lower leg sections.

The bed can be adjusted to any height between 36 and 80 cm to make it easy for patients to get in and out and to ensure a comfortable, ergonomic care height. The side rails are discreetly integrated into the bed frame and can be lowered with minimum effort whenever they are not needed.

Basic equipment

  • SMPS with extra-low voltage system
  • Colour: Optionally Havanna or Beech
  • Lifting pole with triangle grip
  • Integrated wooden/steel side rails
  • Wooden slats


  • Total weight: 98 kg
  • Lying surface dimension: 90 x 200 cm
  • External dimension: 103 x 213 cm
  • Safe capacity: 200 kg
  • Maximum person weight: 165 kg
  • Height adjustment: 36 – 80 cm / low version 29 – 73 cm
  • Lifter space: 15 cm, low version
  • Side rail height: 37 cm with wooden slats 34 cm with ripolux neo®
  • Special sizes: low version not available in every width
  • Motors: water-resistant to IPX4, high-quality spiral cable with anti-kink cable management, fuse in the mains plug, SMPS with extra-low voltage system.
  • Lying surface: 4-section

Safety guarantees

  • Fuse in the mains plug
  • Secondary fuse/polyswitch
  • Thermal fuse
  • Locking function
  • Hand control with single fault safety
  • Special spiral mains cable
  • Pull relief at power plug and anti-kink cable management
  • Water resistance to IPX4
  • Distortion-free, highly stable side rails

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