Lying surfaces and mattresses

The lying surface is the heart of every nursing care bed. Multi-section lying surfaces and special mattresses are geared towards the situation in which the nursing care bed will be used and make a major contribution to quality and practicality. bock nursing care beds offer customers the choice between different lying surfaces and mattresses for a wide range of needs, from functional basic models to special products for heavier patients, systems designed to prevent bedsores (decubitus ulcers) and much more.

Perfect companions: bedside cabinets

Our bedside cabinets are a perfect match for our nursing care beds and provide a convenient option for storing everyday items. more >>

Valuable helpers for patients

bock supports patients in need of care in leading independent lives with practical, ergonomic accessories for nursing care beds. Lifting poles, grab rails and hand-control fittings allow patients to adjust lying positions themselves. Flexible bed lamps and attachable trays help create a cosy, homely atmosphere, while side rail attachments and bumpers offer additional safety, if needed.

Accessories at a glance:

To see what accessories are available for each individual bed model, have a look at the details on the lower right-hand side of the nursing care bed's page.