Residence Seniorenheim am Burghof

Location: Lippstadt/Germany
Target: minimisation of fall consequences
Solution: floorline® 9.5|80

The Residence „Seniorenheim am Burghof“ is a nursing home in an idyllic location near the centre of Lippstadt/Germany. A total of 42 residents are cared for in this facility in long-term care and in short-term care. Hubert Knippschild and his team have succeeded in creating a familiar and cosy atmosphere in which the high quality of life for each individual resident is the top priority.

Initial situation

The best possible care with a maximum feel-good factor - that is what the residence „Seniorenheim am Burghof“ stands for. Therefore, the prophylaxis against fall consequences has a high priority in the everyday life of the nursing home. In 2018 the nursing home started to search for a nursing care bed, that effectively provides a prophylaxis of falls and their consequences and that supports the care process down to the smallest detail. In this context, it was of decisive importance that the bed offers effective protection without measures that deprive residents of their liberty and that it maintains their freedom of movement.

Approach and benefits

When looking for the right low bed, the residence „Seniorenheim am Burghof“ relied on its long-standing partnership with Hermann Bock GmbH. Already in 2007 upon its opening, the care home was equipped with standard ancona nursing care beds by the East Westphalian manufacturer. After extensive discussions and a description of the desire for a low bed, the decision was made in favour of the floorline® 9.5|80. The big target: in future, all nursing rooms should be equipped with a low bed.

For Mr. Knippschild, it is a long-term and secure investment in the future. The minimum height of only 9.5 cm convinced the entire team of the retirement home. The ultra low bed makes it possible to lie close to the floor, without fear, and protects restless sleepers from fall-related injuries without the need for restraints or restraining measures. In the event of a fall, the resident slides safely out of bed. The barrier-free low position also makes it possible for people with limited mobility to return to bed independently „on all fours“. For the care team, this means noticeable relief in everyday care thanks to less severe consequences of falls and reduced care effort. As of today, the residence „Seniorenheim am Burghof“ has two floorline® 9.5|80 beds in each of their residential units. Until all rooms are successively equipped with the new low beds, these beds are preferably used for residents with an increased risk of falling, limited mobility and/or with a tendency to wander (especially at night). After three years in use, Mr. Knippschild draws a pleasing conclusion:

„We can very clearly observe that the use of the floorline® 9.5|80 has effectively minimised serious consequences of falls.“

Another plus: being a proof of an active measure to minimise falls and their concequences, the floorline® 9.5|80 supports the nursing home in internal quality audits.

The following quality areas are supported:

1. Support of mobility and self-sufficiency
2. Support in special needs and care situations / prevention of measures that deprive residents in their liberty
3. Interdisciplinary requirements / prevention of dangers and risks / protection of personal rights and integrity

*For reasons of a better readability, the masculine form is being used in the reference for personal nouns. In the interest of equal treatment, the corresponding terms apply to all genders

Residence Seniorenheim am Burghof