Cultivating Social Togetherness

“Anyone who is meticulously dedicated to the care of human beings must be equally committed to the world, in which we humans live.”<br /><br />Klaus Bock<br /><br />Learn all about our CSR measures <a href="">here</a> <br /> more >>

Time for a new category of nursing care beds

As a specialist for quality-oriented care beds, with the floorline® bock is now going new ways in the institutional care. It can be lowered to 15 cm and raised to 80 cm: With this combination, the bock floorline® 15I80 sets standards as a pioneer of the new category in terms of prophylaxis against the consequences of falls and facilitation of work in everyday care more >>

The consequences of falls and their possible prophylaxis - Interview with Paul Grams

Falls and the severe consequences of falls are among the reasons why a resident's state of care can deteriorate drastically. Almost one third of people aged 65 and older and half the population aged 80 and older fall at least once a year. It is estimated that around 5 million falls occur among older people each year.¹ Today we talk to Paul Grams, Senior Consultant for Care Process and Technology at Hermann Bock GmbH, about the causes of falls and measures and aids to prevent the consequences. more >>

Customer Information MDR - From now on, every nursing care bed is MDR-compliant

The European Commission postponed the application of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) by one year to May 26th 2021. All bock nursing care beds will already be placed on the market in accordance with the MDR from April 27, 2020. more >>