Senior residence La Pereda

Location: Santander / Cantabria / Spain
Goal: Human-centred care
Solution: floorline® 9.5|80, practico alu plus, livorno low

The nursing home "La Pereda" is a senior residence in an idyllic location by the sea in the area of Sardinero / Santander in Spain. A total of 184 residents are cared for in this facility in various forms of care: in apartments as well as in short-, medium- and long-term care.The new rooms with their many details provide the best care conditions and have a high feel-good character. The complete range of services is rounded off by a cinema, spacious lounges, a hairdressing salon, a cafeteria, a fitness room with the latest rehabilitation technology and a newly laid out park.

Initial situation

The best possible care with a maximum feel-good factor: this is what the "La Pereda" residence stands for. For this reason, fall prevention, among other things, has a high priority in everyday nursing care. In 2019, after a comprehensive renovation of the building, the nursing home was looking for a modern and versatile manufacturer for nursing beds. bock scored with the different bed models that offer various nursing support and understand the nursing process down to the smallest detail. In particular, the floorline® 9.5|80 ultra-low bed was convincing in its support of effective fall prophylaxis in everyday life. At the same time, the high quality "Made in Germany" and the appealing appearance were very well received.

Procedure and benefits

Particularly in the search for suitable low beds, the residence relied on the high-quality and comfortable nursing care beds from bock. For the special area in which very active residents with advanced dementia live, the decision was made in favour of the floorline® 9.5|80 ultra-low bed. For the other living areas of the residence, the comfort nursing bed practico alu plus with the high-quality lying surface ripolux® neo scored points. The single rooms for autonomous residents are equipped with the livorno low nursing bed. Thus, all areas are equipped according to the self-imposed goal: high-quality nursing care beds with a large height adjustment range and maximum comfort.

Comfortable, self-determined and safe

For Mr. López, the floorline® 9.5|80 is a safe and long-term investment. The floorline's low height of only 9.5 cm makes it possible to lie down without fear and protects restless sleepers from serious fall-related injuries out of the bed. It can be lowered so low that the resident slides out of bed safely in case of a fall. The barrier-free low position also enables many people with limited mobility to return to bed independently. For caregivers,this means a noticeable relief in everyday care. Thanks to the maximum adjustable height of 80 cm, they enjoy comfortable working conditions.The "La Pereda" residential complex has a total of eleven rooms with floorline® 9.5|80 ultra-low beds. The remaining 90 rooms are equipped with low beds, such as practio alu plus and livorno low with split side rails to enable independent entry and exit and to reduce the risk of falling as much as possible.


Reference senior residence La Pereda