floorline® 15|80

Down to 15. Up to 80.

With the floorline® 15I80, bock, as a quality-oriented
nursing care bed specialist, is opening up its own
category of well thought-out low and ultra-low beds,
which have been developed directly from practical
findings. Specific nursing care bed related requirements
of both, residents and caregivers have been

taken into account. Care beds to be lowered and
raised as far as possible: With this combination, the
bock floorline® sets new standards in terms of prophylaxis
against the consequences of falls and facilitation
of work in everyday care. Pioneer of this new category:
the bock floorline® 15I80.

To learn more visit our floorline® website www.bock-floorline.de/en/.

Advantages at a glance

For operators of nursing care homes:

  • long-term and secure investment with a wide range of applications
  • increased competitiveness thanks to a future-oriented nursing care bed concept
  • documented prophylaxis against the consequences of falls based on the used documentation system
  • reduced efforts in care at the bed
  • relief of the staff

For residents:

  • no restriction of freedom
  • increased self-determination
  • safe, dignified sleeping in bed
  • significantly reduced risk of falling injuries with the lowest height of 15 cm
  • more comfortable, ergonomic lying
  • activation and maintenance of mobility

For caregivers:

  • physical relief through back-friendly, kinaesthetic working at an ideal height
  • psychological relief due to the reduction of restraining measures
  • more time for care thanks to the extensive standard equipment
  • tool-free, integrated bed and side rail extension for quick and individual adjustment to the resident‘s body size
  • various lying surface settings as a mobilisation aid

Basic equipment

  • Height adjustment range from 15 - 80 cm
  • Integrated bed and side rail extension to 210 and 220 cm, no tools required
  • Wooden slats with section reinforcement
  • Comfort-sitting position, Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg
  • Ergonomic back rest and mattress compensation for highest comfort in every lying or sitting position
  • Hand control with locking function
  • Double castors with directional giving device and central locking system on both sides


  • Total product weight approx. 132 kg
  • Outer dimension: 103 x 219 cm
  • Safe working load: 220 kg
  • Max. Person weight: 185 kg
  • Height adjustment: 15 – ~80 cm
  • Lifter space: 15 cm
  • Height of side rail system 3:
    39,5 cm with wooden slats, 35 cm with ripolux neo
  • Lying surface: 90 x 200 cm
  • Motor: Splash-proof according to IPX4, high-quality spiral cable with strain relief and kink protection, SMPS plug transformer with extra-low safety voltage offering safety from the socket.
  • 4-section lying surface:

All videos at a glance

15 cm lowest position: for an ideal prophylaxis of fall consequences
The bock floorline® 15|80 relief for caregivers
The bock floorline® 15|80 ergonomically optimised