practico 25|80 plus

Flexibility for more comfort and best care

With the practico 25|80 plus bock, as an expert for flexible solutions, sets a benchmark in the segment of nursing care beds. Thanks to the 4-section lying surface, the mattress compensation and the ergonomic back rest (880 mm), the practico 25|80 plus offers its resident a comfortable and physiological sitting and lying position. For best care and safe lying, the bed provides a height adjustment range of 25 to 80 cm and can easily be adjusted in many ways with the clearly arranged hand control.

Comfort with plus

Another plus factor for flexibility is the tool-free, integrated bed and side rail extension (with SR3). It enables individual adjustments to be made in no time at all. The extension of the side rails to 210 or 220 cm can be carried out without any additional elements. A wide range of accessories and equipment variants is available, such as the practical bed clothes deposit or bed lamps.

Advantages at a glance


Advantages for the resident:

  • Ergonomic back rest (880 mm) and mattress compensation for a comfortable and physiological sitting position
  • Safe lying at a low height of only 25 cm
  • Three different lying surface systems for individual lying comfort 
  • All kinds of individual lying and sitting adjustments are possible, for example the comfort sitting position

Advantages for the carer:

  • Optimum working height of 80 cm
  • Integrated, tool-free bed extension to 210 or 220 cm
  • Large double castors with central braking and directional giving device for easy moving and locking

Additional Benefits:

  • Single drives for high reliability
  • Lifter space 15 cm
  • Trendelenburg / Anti-Trendelenburg
  • Variety of equipment variants and accessories

Basic equipment

  • Integrated, tool-free bed and side rail extension (SR3)
  • 4-section lying surface with wooden slats and tension regulation
  • Head and leg deep storage
  • comfort sitting position
  • mattress compensation
  • Hand control with lock
  • Central braking and directional giving device of all four castors


  • Total product weight approx. 140 kg
  • Outer dimension: 105 x 210 cm
  • Safe working load: 220 kg
  • Max. Person weight: 185 kg
  • Height adjustment:25 – 80 cm
  • Lifter space:15 cm
  • Height of side rail system SR3: 39,5 cm with wooden slats, 35 cm with ripolux neo
  • Lying surface: 90 x 200 cm
  • Motor: Splash-proof according to IPX4, high-quality spiral cable with strain relief and kink protection, SMPS plug transformer with extra-low safety voltage offering safety from the socket.
  • 4-section lying surface: